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DDoS Protection & Its Types

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Çevrimdışı lewis06
 Tarih: 22-02-2012, Saat:09:11
DDoS or distributed denial of service attacks are electronic attacks that paralyses internet connectivity by crushing servers, network links, and network devices with bogus traffic. The repeated requests can be overcome and malicious traffic can be controlled and DDoS attack can be prevented with the aid of effective DDoS protection services.

Specific actions can be taken to fortify your network as well as prevent downtime and maintain accessibility to avoid any loss in business created by distributed denial of service attack. You as user should be able to choose the form of DDoS protection that best suits your requirement.

The different types of protection vary from basic firewalls to routers and switches, DDoS protection hardware, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) based protection and procedures like blackholing and sinkholing. Although the basic form of protection against Denial of service (DoS) attack, firewalls may not prove to be strong enough to combat modern day DDoS attacks. But firewall devices can be used to filter out the IP addresses involved in the attack and block them. With its built in DoS prevention features, the routers and switches can be used to prevent simple attacks while complex attacks can beat the router and switch prevention tactics.

Intrusion prevention systems or IPS examines network traffic to identify threats that generate unusual traffic flows such as DDoS. In blackholing system, the attacked IP addresses and DNS are sent to the black hole and all traffic directed to a non-existent location which blocks legitimate traffic too. While in sinkholing system, the traffic is analyzed out of which suspicious data are rejected.
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Sponsor Reklam Sponsor Reklam

Çevrimdışı ayhan
 Tarih: 10-09-2012, Saat:11:45
(Son Düzenleme: 10-09-2012, Saat:11:46, Düzenleyen: ayhan.)
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Çevrimdışı EmreKarakaya
 Tarih: 10-09-2012, Saat:13:20
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